CUK Group has signed a deal to distribute the Pavone brand of cinema seating

AV distributor CUK Group will also offer Pavone’s interior and acoustic design services to residential integrators in the UK and Ireland.

Pavone’s pocket-sprung cinema seats are hand crafted and include Italian Napa leather, Nubuck, Alcantara and Velvet. The ranges available include the ‘Stanley’ a single seat recliner or a daybed recliner, with console width options and proprietary carbon fibre 3D panelling. Meanwhile, the ‘Orson’ is a pod design, with a seat that inclines within its carbon fibre shell.

The ‘Lancaster’ sofa has  multiple configurations to transform into a media sofa design with the addition of straight or wedged consoles. Its panels are supplied in standard or 3D carbon fibre and veneered marble, framed in stainless steel.

The ‘Niro’ is an individual daybed that can be extended to create a continuous arc of any width. The system has carbon fibre armrests, while the flagship ‘Hepburn’ daybed comprises a large central unit that has quilted detail, flanked by two smaller daybeds separated by two wedge shaped consoles.

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