K-array adds new courses to K-academy to increase understanding of the ‘science of sound’

K-array’s education division K-academy has launched new courses covering topics including superyacht sound design and product specific tutorials.

The audio manufacturer’s K-academy collaborates with training institutions, professional organisations and industry associations. It offers webinars and three formal certification programmes dedicated to consultants, integrators and other AV professionals.

Completion of formal training courses, overseen by K-academy director, Daniele Mochi, results in certification in one of three areas: Designer, Installer and Live System Engineer.

Mochi said: “K-academy training by K-array consists of three certified courses alongside a library of supplementary webinars and training materials. All learning materials are provided in video form, which is more engaging for most learners.

“We invest in education because we believe that the more our users understand the science of sound, the greater performance they’ll get from our products,” said Mochi. “Our courses are designed for individuals who are responsible for generating, processing, setting up, distributing, designing, using, and listening to sound and audio distribution systems.”

All courses are available online and some workshops also take place in person at K-array’s headquarters in Firenze. Opportunities for certification are available through attendance of a monthly Q&A session followed by the completion of an online exam. All courses are available online, in English and free of charge.

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