K-array sets new standard for live music performances at Marchionneschi Theatre

Italian musician Antonio Aiazzi's 'Arte Residente' project aims to revive a Pisa theatre through an upgraded sound system.

The Marchionneschi Theatre in Pisa, Italy recently announced the installation of a new K-array sound system, part of a creative initiative to upgrade audio quality in live performances. In an effort led by Aiazzi, the system upgrade is part of the wider ‘Arte Residente’ project, aimed at creating the space into a hub for musicians and reclaiming the Marchionneschi’s position as a cultural centre following the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Marchionneschi Theatre was equipped with K-array’s Pinnacle-KR802 portable amplification system and Mastiff wedge monitors to ensure clear on-stage monitoring.

 Alessandro Tatini, CEO and president of K-array, said: “We’re thrilled to be a part of the Arte Residente project. Arte Residente is a project that not only empowers musicians and creatives but also brings benefits to the local community here in Tuscany through the revival of their local cultural hub.”


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