LILIN introduces new home app

LILIN has launched a new app for its LILINHome platform designed for the CI market.

LILINHome presents a new user-friendly GUI and brings a range of useful features to homeowners.

The new app allows live access and playback for LILIN navigator servers, NVRs and cameras. The app can be used to control the digital output for automation and two-way audio for communication. It also allows users to take a snapshot from the live view camera which can then be saved to the device.

The new click to centre feature allows ease of use when panning, tilting or zooming a PTZ camera. Presets for the PTZ cameras can be set for quick and easy recall. An auto zoom/focus feature is also available for LILIN’s Z series cameras.

A multi-channel playback feature allows the user to look at multiple views at once. The cameras and NVRs can be grouped and set as favourites for quick viewing. There is no limit set on how many groups you can create.

New LILIN devices can be easily added to the system and configured through the app. There are multiple easy options to add new devices.  

A playback button allows homeowners to view recordings from a navigator or NVR. If a camera has an SD card installed, users can also view playback from that camera. Up to four cameras can be played back at one time and a timebar makes it easy to slide back to find what you want to watch. When in full screen mode, homeowners can press the snap button to take a snapshot of the image.

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