Trinnov certification programme hoped to boost and verify dealer knowledge

Trinnov will embark on delivering in person and online training as well as holding examinations as it launches a certification programme.

To support its efforts, the manufacturer has hired Dave Pedigo [pictured right] as global director of training. Pedigo, who managed CEDIA’s education, certification and technology programmes for 14 years, will be instrumental in the drive to help advance and verify industry knowledge.

Trinnov says it is committed to education, highlighting the role that even its CEO and co-founder Arnaud Laborie [pictured top] plays in delivering CEDIA Expo classes and online interviews. It is also active in providing training for its distribution and dealership network.

Laborie said: “We strongly believe that sharing our knowledge and expertise is essential to the development of our industry. Trinnov does not only sell products, we promote technological advancements and strive to share our passion with enthusiasts as much as with our customers.”

Trinnov has ascertained that its products will often perform better when installed or calibrated by a capable person with a good knowledge of the technology and its sales team play a large role in training.

This will continue as Trinnov also attempts to raise the knowledge of its partners through the training and examination process and by encouraging dealers and calibrators to participate and become recognised as certified.

Trinnov will kick off the programme with an Audio High-End Level One Certification and throughout 2023 and into 2024, it will roll out separate certification programmes for Pro Audio, Commercial Cinema, and High End/Home Theatre. Each certification will have multiple levels.

Level One will provide students with competence in installation, setup, and at minimum, an intermediate understanding of the Trinnov Optimizer. Certified installers will be officially authorised and registered on Trinnov’s website.

Higher level Trinnov certification will delve deeper into understanding of advanced topics that include acoustics, designing systems using Trinnov’s unified speaker layouts, industry best practices, advanced calibration, and advanced troubleshooting.

This certification program is only available to approved Trinnov Dealers. The Level One training and certification program will be available free of charge, in both in-person and online formats. Both include hands-on training. Online students will calibrate a system remotely. Level Two and higher certification classes will only be offered face-to-face.

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