Vantage human-centric lighting systems win CTA award

Legrand’s Building Control Systems division has announced that Vantage has been honoured at CES 2020 by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) with a Smart Home Division Mark of Excellence Award for its human-centric lighting (HCL) systems.

The awards are designed to recognise the best in custom integration and installed technology, covering more than 30 categories, with winners decided by a judging panel of industry experts. 

This year, in the category of Lighting Control Product of the Year, judges were impressed with how Vantage HCL systems enhance home aesthetics and the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of occupants. 

“Homeowners are increasingly looking to incorporate outdoor light colour, intensity, and the numerous benefits it provides into their indoor lives,” commented Mark Moody, product manager at Vantage. 

“We created Vantage HCL systems to make it easy for integrators to meet this growing demand by reducing the complexity of the design, configuration, and onward support of tuneable LED lighting systems, rendering a more naturally light environment when and where needed. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have our efforts recognised by the CTA with this prestigious award.”

Load control, user interfaces, and Design Centre programming software is brought together in Vantage’s HCL system to provide precise dimming for tuneable light fixtures utilising the Lumenetix araya5 light engine.

Controlled by the DMX-DALI-GATEWAY and InFusion Controller II, it is programmed to match the daily sunrise/sunset seasonal shift throughout the year that best supports people’s circadian rhythm based on their location. 

For an added smart human-centric experience, the controller can also be integrated with QMotion advanced automated shading solutions. 

Interface options for Vantage’s HCL system include the Equinox line of glass LCD touchscreen controllers, EasyTouch II keypads, and the new EasyTouch Glass modular keypad station. 

EasyTouch glass is available with up to five smooth touch and tactile programmable buttons for different scenes incorporating control over lighting, shades and more. 

With the ability to personalise for each project, the keypad allows installers to mix and match colours for trims, buttons, and faceplates, while an inner-surface ink layering process ensures consistent colour definition and reflectivity. 

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