Bowers and Wilkins launches new Signature Series

The 700 Signature Series builds on the 700 Series, while borrowing technology form the premium 800 range to bring in three new floor standing speakers.

The HTM71 S3 Signature is a first-of-its-kind 700 Series Signature centre channel speaker, aiming to bring clarity and detail to the home. The 702 S3 Signature takes the flagship 700 Series floor standing loudspeaker and evolves it, while the 705 S3 Signature is engineered to deliver sonic performance in a more compact form.

The development of Continuum technology aims to surpass low distortion and break up levels of Kevlar.  It was originally developed for the top of the line 800 series and is used in both models of the new Signature Series. The aim of the Continuum technology is for the sound to hold its shape without variances form the driver, the driver comes in a silver colour.

The Carbon Double Dome technology features an inner and outer dome designed using laser analysis.  The small outer dome which goes along the inside edge of the full-dome increases its rigidity while allowing the rest of the dome to be lightweight.  This design allows the tweeter to extend out beyond the range of human hearing to 47,000 Hz. The Solid Milled Aluminium External Tweeter Housing is mounted in a separate enclosure.  This aims to reduce any chance of cabinet diffraction allowing the speaker to present a three-dimensional image. 

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