Devialet introduces Phantom I speaker

The next generation of its flagship compact Phantom all-in-one speaker has been launched by Devialet.

Phantom I, the new iteration of the speaker, brings a “fresh design and high-resolution listening experience,” according to Devialet’s CTO, Ken McAlpine.

Leveraging Devialet’s ADH (Analogue Digital Hybrid) signature patented amplification technology, the analogue amplifier reproduces an unspoilt signal and sends it to the digital amplifiers, which are then able to translate it digitally.

Phantom I also features several of Devialet’s other patented technology, including Speaker Active Matching (SAM) is used to control the speakers and high acoustic fidelity. The speaker also utilises Heart Bass Implosion (HBI), an acoustic process that emits bass sounds with extreme depth and physical impact. The spherical design of the speaker uses Active Cospherical Engine (ACE) to reproduce sound and diffuse its energy linearly in all directions.

For high-performance audio, the new iteration uses Devialet’s next-generation audio processing chip, embedding signal processing and amplification performance in a unique SoC, to offer better acoustics and improved thermal dissipation, making Phantom I up to four times more energy efficient than its predecessor.

Devialet’s new OS gives users more ways to play with Phantom and stream hi-res files through Roon Ready. The Devialet app allows multiroom configuration between multiple Phantom models. AirPlay 2 is also included and allows multiroom set up without needing access to Devialet’s app by streaming audio directly from the control device, such as an iPhone, to multiple AirPlay speakers.

With enhanced UPnP (universal plug-and-play) capabilities up to 24 bits, it is compatible with apps such as BubbleUPnP and mconnect Player.

Phantom I features a more intuitive interface including new LED signals at the rear of the speaker for status checking and a new stand-by mode. Its newly designed remote control give the user more control options for the speaker.

Carrying over Phantom’s iconic spherical design, the new generation has been updated with a modern matte finish which is now available in black and white with new signature side panels, accessories and packaging.

In addition to the launch of Phantom I, Devialet’s Phantom Reactor is being renamed as Phantom II, an even more compact speaker.

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