Gcore launches AI-powered speech recognition for broadcasters

Gcore, a global edge AI, cloud, network, and security solutions provider, has announced the Gcore Artificial Intelligence Automated Speech Recognition (AI ASR).

It integrates into Gcore workflows enabling broadcasters, video on demand (VOD), live streaming, and enterprise content owners to reach new global audiences, enhancing the accessibility of content for those speaking different languages or with hearing impairments.

For broadcasters, enterprises or content owners with live news, sports events or investor relations information that must reach customers quickly, speed is essential. Traditional subtitle generation can take hours or even days if multiple languages are involved, and often results in inaccuracies.

Unlike other ASR services, Gcore AI ASR is a managed cloud service, supporting 100+ languages, that allows customers to focus on fast subtitle generation for their content, without the need for selecting and fine-tuning artificial intelligence (AI) models. The Gcore team assesses newly released and updated ASR models, ensuring the best option is available through the pre-configured service. The managed service team supports customers with model selection and fine-tuning them to meet specific needs.

Gcore AI ASR generates subtitles for a one-hour video in under ten minutes, with accuracy levels matching or exceeding those of humans and typically achieving a 4%–5% word error rate. Open-source ASR models for specific languages or subject domains can be selected to enhance accuracy based on the content to be subtitled. This customisation is particularly useful for industry-specific terminology, or content featuring multiple spoken languages.

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