Henley Audio announces updated Musical Fidelity A1 amplifier

UK distributor Henley Audio has announced the imminent availability of Musical Fidelity’s A1 integrated amplifier, a remake of the manufacturer’s original A1 model launched in the 1980s.

Unveiled to the press and public at Munich High End 2023, the electrical layout of the A1 features discrete, fully symmetrical pure Class A technology, delivering 25W of power and 25A of maximum current output. Although these numbers are low compared to some modern amplifiers, the A1 can slide into Class B operation to drive more complex speakers.

The new A1’s transformer design is a modern remake of the 1980’s original. Musical Fidelity has updated the system with dual-mono split-rail windings and components, aiming to improve stability and heat management. There are fully independent supplies for the left and right channels that power the amplifier, aiming to increase the capacity of power handling and stereo imaging.

The new direct control on the front panel allows users to bypass the Gain stage before the musical signal reaches the volume dial, when switched on the pre-amplifier stage applies roughly 10dB less gain, suiting a wider volume dial range. The amplifier also uses ALPS RK series motorised potentiometer for the volume dial, allowing it to be used with a remote control for volume adjustments.

The A1 features five RCA stereo inputs, fixed-level and variable outputs, and a built-in phono stage. The phono input allows for direct connection to a turntable, whether it has a moving magnet (MM) or a moving coil (MC) cartridge. The low-noise design and automatic impedance-matching for MC cartridges make the A1 a viable option for vinyl.

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