Integrated workstation that can be folded away when not in use

A recent trend in the residential market is to hide technology as much as possible and even have it displaying as an art piece when not in use. A new solution from Pith & Stem introduces this idea into the home workspace.

DropTop is a new fully integrated, plug-and-play, wall-mountable solution that is designed for the new work from home trend in homes that do not have the room for a dedicated office room.

The new solution recognises new consumer needs that sees them spending more time in their homes while trying to seek a healthy and productive work-life balance. Easily installed onto a wall, the high-performing and customisable DropTop can fold out when needed for work and folded back onto the wall to display a piece of art when work is over.

It is ergonomically designed to promote a healthy posture and is made of though hardwood ply with custom-made hinges to enable a secure, comfortable workstation. Customers can choose the colours and finishes and add their favourite photos of artwork to be displayed when it is folded away.

Each unit comes with two 24” monitors that feature LowBlue mode, full HD and are flicker-free. It also features DisplayLink single cable USB/USB-C charging and connectivity, compatible with both laptops and Macs. Two monitors are included to increase productivity as well as encouraging users to reduce their printing by enabling them to compare documents, send emails while referring to reports, or conduct video calls while updating a document.

The monitors are positioned in the DropTop at the optimum height and distance to again promote a healthy posture. It also gives the user a spacious working area, measuring 120 x 60cm. There are also two built-in storage areas.

The docks use DisplayLink technology to provide future and backwards compatibility for any operating system, platform, or USB connector. Traditionally powered laptops connected via a USB-A deliver up to 2K resolution across the device and two integrated monitors. The USB-C dock enables extended 4K resolution and charging through single-cable connectivity.

A fully-customisable solution, users can choose the finish of the unit’s interior and picture frame. The unit has a choice of a black or white satin finish, or one its wood effect laminates: American Walnut, Classic Wenge, White Ash, or Sombre Walnut. The price of the unit varies depending on the customisable options chosen by the customer.

Easily updateable, the customer can insert any picture or art into the face of DropTop and this can be changed at any time. Users also have the option to select an image from the company’s range of designs.