Karma-AV launches new Primare home cinema preamplifier/processor

AV distributor, Karma-AV has announced the availability of Primare’s SP25 home cinema preamplifier/processor, equipped with features and functionality needed for the best cinema and audio experiences.

Building upon the strong foundation of the SPA25 Prisma home cinema integrated amplifier, the SP25 Prisma includes 4K dynamic HDR switching and eARC with 11 channels of processing and preamplification, supported by a custom linear power supply and tuned output stage.

The power supply feeds optimised low noise power to individual audio processing, digital-to-analogue conversion, video switching and streaming stages, while the preamplification circuitry takes advantage of the shortest possible single-ended signal path, including a new ultra-linear IC op amp, to generate an output signal with the speed and detail necessary to best partner Primare’s A35.8 and A35.2 amplifiers.

It features 17 customisable input presets, allowing virtually any combination of digital and analogue, video and audio input configurations. These are combined with five customisable speaker setup presets for a variety of speaker and DSP configurations to suit a wide range of viewing and listening requirements.

Catering to audiophiles, a unique digital-to-analogue conversion circuit involving dual 8-channel DAC chips allocates four channels of conversion when delivering signal to the front L/R analogue outputs for the most accomplished and effective bi-amping of the main speakers.

For both cinephiles and audiophiles, the SPA25 has Dirac Live Room Correction to analyse and digitally reduce the impact of the room to enhance audio performance.

Control and connectivity are provided by the Prisma music streaming/system control platform and Prisma remote, giving users control of every Primare model available, as well as any video display, with OTA update capabilities.

Available now, the SPA25 Prisma has a typical retail price of £4,300.


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