Legrand | AV now shipping On-Q Dual-Purpose In-Wall Enclosures

Designed to store AV behind a TV or as structured wiring enclosures, the new On-Q Dual-Purpose In-Wall Enclosures are now shipping from Legrand | AV.

Available in two different form factors, the models offered at the 9” ENP0900-NA and the 17” ENP1700-NA.

When used as AV storage behind a TV, the enclosures can house cable boxes, streaming players, and more. The 17” model is also compatible with the 4K and 8K Samsung One-Connect Box. Its split cover design allows it to be used with split-rail TV mounts, allowing integrators to access components after the TV mount has been installed. Additional access can also be gained through the open channels at the top and bottom of the enclosure, which are also designed to provide passive ventilation.

The Dual-Purpose In-Wall Enclosures can also be used as structured wiring enclosures to provide a centralised area to store video, voice, and data components. Constructed using Wi-Fi-transparent ABS plastic, the boxes can emit a strong signal from ISP modems and wireless routers.

The 17” model also features a split cover to accommodate tight installations, such as behind cupboard shelving, and enables users to access components without obstruction. The boxes top and bottom channels can be sealed with included inserts to keep debris and dust out.

Both models come with a 5” mounting plate for flexible installation. ENP0905-NA-V1 and ENP1705-NA-V1 models include a mounting bracket (AC1050) which gives 1.5” of elevation, allowing for a second layer of mounting to free up space or accommodate bulky devices.

Built-in hook and loop locations make cable management simple, while the trim ring can be used to conceal messy drywall for a clean look.

The solutions are compatible with both On-Q structured wiring modules as well as those from different manufacturers.

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