Lutron launches new Luxury Experience App

The app is available now for iPads in the App Store and aims to take users through a journey of Lutron’s lighting, shades, and controls.

The app enables users to explore Lutron’s luxury residential portfolio from anywhere. One of the main features of the Lutron Luxury Experience App is its camera functionality, allowing users to visualise Lutron products in the home, blending digital elements with reality, and facilitating decision-making.

The app also features the ability to bring the “natural light story to life” through an interactive scroll simulator, where the user can see how Ketra intelligent lighting syncs with the colour temperature of the sun throughout the day.

Another feature of the app is a shades openness simulator, which enables users to visualise a range of window shade fabrics and openness factors and can be placed over their own window using the iPad’s camera. This capability ensures the selected fabric achieves balance between outdoor views, light filtering, and privacy in a living space. A keypad configurator allows users to customise and preview keypad designs tailored to their preferences.

Ben Bard, Lutron Luxury Residential vice president, said: “We’re thrilled to unveil our new Lutron Luxury Experience App, reshaping how users envision lighting, shades, and controls at home. This tool provides unparalleled convenience, empowering customers to effortlessly visualise and customise their own spaces from anywhere, reflecting their unique style and preferences. It sets a new standard for a truly personalised home experience.”.

The Lutron Luxury Experience App is available for download now, compatible with iPad OS 16.4 or later.

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