Meridian unveils its first all-in-one wireless DSP streaming speaker

Meridian Audio has launched Ellipse, its first high-end all-in-one wireless DSP streaming speaker, at High End Munich.

Featuring a compact form factor, Ellipse is a complete Meridian system delivering the brand’s renowned sound quality thanks to 12 unique Meridian DSP technologies, including the first implementation of ‘Meridian Bass & Space’ in a home audio product, creating a vast, spatial soundstage, exceeding that expected from this compact form.

With a straight out of the box design, Ellipse features multiple control options, including the easy-to-use Meridian Control app and seamless integration with streaming apps.

The loudspeaker can be used as a standalone speaker or can be integrated within smart home projects, with intuitive control available via a range of interfaces. Detailed configuration opportunities enable further customer personalisation to be tailored by integrators.

Ellipse is the third loudspeaker to emerge from Meridian’s Extreme Engineering Programme. Meridian’s continuous development and expertise has led to new software and hardware, new approaches to cabinet design and new materials being introduced in Ellipse.

The loudspeaker is also the first Meridian speaker to feature the new R2 electronics platform. A compact version of the R1 electronics platform, R2 has been specifically developed for Ellipse. It features the same sophisticated, signal-enhancing development found in the DSP8000XE and DSP9, and incorporates Meridian’s new and updateable high-end streaming platform.

Shipping of the new Ellipse loudspeaker is expected to start in the coming weeks, with an MRSP of £1,900 / $3,000. 

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