Nooie offers 360-degree view of home with new camera

Nooie, a smart home security device manufacturer, has launched the Nooie Cam 360, its second smart home security camera and the first pan-tilt zoom model capable of 360-degree coverage.

Only the second model in its smart home camera portfolio, the Nooie Cam 360 brings a new level of security to homeowners with its 360-degree view.

Previously, the only camera available from the company was the Nooie Cam Indoor, a smart device that could send users alerts when motion or sound was detected, as well as letting users listen in on their home with two-way speakers, and survey the house using infrared night vision.  

Nooie Cam 360 carries all of the same specifications as the Nooie Cam Indoor, but it adds the ability to rotate. Both cameras provide 1080p HD image resolution, have a 101-degree field of view and have a focal length of 3.97mm.

The Nooie Cam 360 is available now for £37 / €43.95 / $49.99.

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