NSC announces ELAN IP-Enabled Audio Distribution System

Nortek Security & Control (NSC) has unveiled the availability of the ELAN IP-Enabled Audio Distribution System that uses Dante audio technology.

A comprehensive solution, the new ELAN audio distribution line of products includes a multizone audio matrix, multizone audio extender, multizone pre-amp audio matrix, local audio source interface, and a network audio card.

Dante technology allows distribution of top-quality audio across long distances over an existing network, simplifying whole home audio distribution and reducing cabling and labour costs. 

 Richard Pugnier, vice president of marketing at NSC said: “We’re taking music entertainment and fast installs to the next level as one cable truly does it all. 

“As one of the first to leverage Dante audio networking in the residential market, we are pleased to deliver the innovative benefits to our customers. Dante provides uncompressed, multi-channel audio, with near-zero latency.”

“Our new ELAN networked audio system installs more easily and quickly using off-the-shelf network equipment and cables, and uses proven, reliable protocols,” added Jeff Shaw, product manager. 

“Integrators and homeowners alike will love it because it enables decentralised installations, with sources and amps placed where they make most sense such as in a pool or guest house. This lowers cost-of-ownership too.” 

The new ELAN amplifiers in the IP-enabled audio distribution system also includes pre-amp audio out connections that can be used to deliver audio to external amplifiers designed to power landscape speaker systems. 

A highly flexible system, integrators are able to add more sources or more zones whenever it is required. Adding to this flexibility, a local audio source can be placed anywhere a source is located, in order to deliver audio to the system over the network, meaning it can be used with a turntable or placed behind a TV, for example.

Pugnier added: “This is another major step in our 2020 commitment to expand delivery of advanced technologies for the intelligent home to our integrators and customers.”

The ELAN audio line up uses the ELAN 8.5 software version, which includes additional features such as international language support for Google Assistant and more. 

The ELAN IP-Enabled Audio Distribution System is shipping from NSC now.