Nuvyyo Tablo introduces 4th Gen DVR

The Nuvyyo Tablo 4th Gen DVR aims to transform home entertainment by combining OTA recording and free streaming channels in a cost-effective, subscription-free package.

The 4th gneration Table DVR represents a significant leap from its predecessors, offering subscription-free model that melds the convenience of digital recording with the expansive world of streaming media. This two-tuner model allows the recording of up to two programs simultaneously, catering to the diverse viewing needs of modern households. A four-tuner model is also available.

One of the standout features of the Tablo 4th Gen DVR is its integration of free live streaming channels into its live TV guide. This bridges the gap between traditional antenna television and the burgeoning sector of streaming services. Users can now access both antenna and streaming content through a single, unified platform, complete with content recommendations to tailor the viewing experience to individual preferences. While the device comes equipped with storage for 50+ hours of video there is also an option to extend this capacity with an external hard drive.

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