Optoma unveils new laser projectors

Optoma is launching the Optoma Wave series of home entertainment laser projectors featuring the Wave110R, Wave110S, and Wave120R models.

These products implement bright and sharp images with colour precision, ranging from 3,500 lumens to a maximum of 4,300 lumens brightness across models and a contrast ratio of 2,200,000:1, depending on the size of the space. The Wave series is equipped with 360-degree installation and 4-corner correction features and can achieve screens of up to 300-in.

In particular, the Wave110S can create a 100-in screen with 1.1 m of distance, enabling large screen projection in narrow living spaces without separate installation. The Wave series supports 4K input and HDR, enhancing brightness and contrast through dynamic black technology and aiming to deliver detailed screens.

Compared to Optoma's previous models, the Wave series features a slimmer and more compact design, utilising an external power supply to minimise dust ingress and provide better energy efficiency. The DuraCore laser light source, designed with environmental considerations, in the Wave series can be used for up to 30,000 hours. Additionally, the optical engine is sealed to prevent even small dust particles from entering and has obtained an IP6X rating.

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