Sanus launches new in-wall full-motion TV mount

The VIWLF128-B2 mount offers 42 to 85-in with 28-in of extension and built-in device storage.

The mount is a solution for installers looking to provide a large viewing experience. The mount features 67 degrees of swivel left and right, which aims to reduce glare. Sanus’ Virtual Axis technology allows users to tilt the TV up or down without any extra tools.

The included in-wall box makes use of the unused wall space behind the display for storage of streaming, power, or audio components. The in-wall box fits between two 16-in on-centre studs and features the capacity for an in-wall power outlet and six attachment slots.

Jim Mugge, Sanus senior product manager, said: "Integrators know how challenging it can be to provide clients with a great viewing experience while also making installed components nearly invisible. This mount brings together our full-motion capability, quality, and in-wall storage for an all-in-one solution that saves time and money on TV installation projects."



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