Sanus unveils in-wall mounts for tidy living spaces

Sanus has designed a suite of in-wall products to minimise the intrusion of installed TVs, media boxes and cables, creating a more harmonious aesthetic.

The flagship product in the range, the VIWLF128-B2, is an in-wall Full-Motion TV mount for screens ranging in size from 42-in to 85-in. The mount is designed in such a way the screen sits virtually flush with the wall, thanks to the recessed enclosure into which the arms of the mount are stored when it is pushed back to its rest position.

The mount offers 67 degrees of left and right and right swivel to provide the optimum viewing angle. Its 28-in of horizontal extension permits maximum swivel movement, and the Sanus VirtualAxis fingertip tilt technology enables users to tilt the TV up or down with just the touch of a finger.

Making use of the space behind the TV, the box, into which the mount retracts, has been designed to fit between standard 16-in studs, there is room for the storage of attached streaming products, power and cables and connected audio components, while six attachment slots with Velcro tabs secure the component.

For situations in which an in-wall TV mount is not required, but there is still a need to store media boxes, power and cables behind the TV. The SA-IWB9-W1 with its 9-in internal height and the SA-IWB17-W1 with a large 17-in internal height are the ideal way to conceal products behind most large size TV mounts. 

Manufactured from a Wi-Fi transparent material, to enable wireless streaming, the white boxes feature cable knockouts to assist with cable management and organisation. They are fitted with a removable cover, with integral vent/cable slot for easy access and present an unobtrusive look when the TV is pulled out from the wall on a bracket. 

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