VIOLET expands control with FIBARO & HDANYWHERE plugins

Smart home IoT startup, VIOLET has announced the launch of two new core plugins, expanding its Works With list to include both FIBARO and HDANYWHERE.

These systems can now be controlled from VIOLET’s easy to use wall mounted touch panel which is intended to replace a standard light switch.

‘Core’ plugins provide the core functionality to integrate with the systems alongside support for VIOLET’s ‘Scenes Screen’. From this screen, users can trigger preset scenes or sequences in the integrated systems without the need to use their smartphone or other control device. This adds more convenience to user’s homes where smartphone control is not always practical as many smart home product manufacturers seem to believe.

Additional enhancements are expected to follow these core plugins which will see deeper integration between the partner systems.

VIOLET also recently launched its Tado plugin alongside its Climate screen, something that could soon be extended to other integrations. In this case, most notably the FIBARO integration.

FIBARO smart home systems provide a comprehensive environment that adapts to the needs of the entire family. With FIBARO’s Home Centre 3, and the company’s Lite variant, homeowners can harness the power of wireless Z-Wave (and recently Zigbee) devices in subsystems such as lighting, security, climate and more. Scenes within the FIBARO ecosystem are not just limited to lighting moods; users can also trigger security modes, climate presets, and even activate a whole-home holiday mode.

“The new integration between VIOLET and FIBARO brings great benefits for the FIBARO PRO smart home system,” said John de Regt, CEO of FIBARO Benelux. “It allows you to activate scenes in a very user-friendly way and makes them easily accessible. The interconnected solutions of VIOLET for Sonos, Philips Hue, and Tado are a major advantage as well. This allows professionals and end users to combine the control of their individual smart products.”

On the other hand, HDANYWHERE have a range of products primarily focused on video distribution, but have recently been enhancing its offering with a cost effective and simple control solution for connected AV devices and even beyond into lighting. HDANYWHERE’s sequences allow users to set predefined steps that recall certain scenarios, such as getting the big screen ready for the match. Being able to trigger these sequences from VIOLET is extremely powerful, especially alongside other integrations.

A few weeks ago at ISE, VIOLET also announced partnerships and corresponding plugins with both BluOS audio systems and Rako lighting systems.

Whilst the BluOS plugin has Pro and soon a Lite version, the Rako, FIBARO and HDANYWHERE plugins are currently Pro only so a relevant dealer of VIOLET themselves can help with this.

All of VIOLET’s plugins can be added remotely alongside additional features.

Ryan Ovens, founder and CEO of VIOLET believes its approach with releasing plugins keeps the product accessible: “If we were to bundle everything together into the product, the entry price would be significantly higher to allow us to develop, support, and maintain the integrations. By breaking out integrations into plugins, end customers only have to pay for the software they need, not an inflated price that covers all cases.”