XGIMI puts simple home cinema experience on the horizon

Home projector company, XGIMI has introduced two new flagship home cinema projectors to the market: the XGIMI HORIZON and HORIZON Pro.

The launch of the XGIMI HORIZON series follows the success of its flexible XGIMI MoGo Pro projector last year. The new 2021 flagship projectors are designed to fit seamlessly into family spaces rather than conference rooms to provide a smarter all-in-one entertainment choice.

Taking a flexible design approach, consumers can build their own home cinemas in any room in their house using the XGIMI HORIZON series with hassle-free functionality, and a quick plug-and-play set up.

Designed for both movies and gaming, the new series provides a 300” crisp projected image and immersive cinematic sound.

XGIMI HORIZON Pro features True 4K technology for an even clearer and defined picture. It also uses a large auditorium rate of 2200ANSI lumens, offering even sharper, more resplendent screen colour for home users to have a premium cinematic experience at any time of the day or night.

It also uses XGIMI’s patented X-VUE image technology which enhances the image quality by adopting 120Hz motion compensation technology that works with XGIMI’s MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation) to solve any potential image flutter or tailing problems that might occur when projecting high dynamic images.

For immersive cinematic sound, XGIMI has taken advantage of its partnership with Harman Kardon to feature built-in 16W combined full-range bass performance Bluetooth transducer speakers on both models in the XGIMI HORIZON series. As well as delivering object-based surround sound, the speakers can also be used for users to listen to their favourite music.

Designed to be used even in small rooms, XGIMI’s Automatic Keystone Correction and integrated AI-powered image-sensing algorithm intelligently identifies and avoids obstacles in the projection area. Trained through thousands of scenes and hundreds of screen settings, the XGIMI HORIZON series can automatically identify the screen area and adjust the image accordingly and allows it to fill the projection space, even when turned on its side.

When moving it from room to room, the unobtrusive Auto focus function quickly adjusts the image focus to keep the image clear and sharp, even when it has been moved about.

With a user-friendly interface, the XGIMI HORIZON series is powered by Android TV and incorporates 5,000+ native Android apps. It can be synced across multiple devices from mobile and desktop to streaming services.

XGIMI has also catered to the latest eye health trends by adding TÜV’s Eye Comfort Certification to provide eye protection capabilities which include eliminating annoying reflections and ensuring the displays are flicker free. The company has also reduced blue light composition so that users can watch for longer without suffering visual discomfort including eye fatigue.

The LED lifespan provides crisp, bright and clear images for 30,000 hours, meaning the XGIMI HORIZON series can last 10+ years.

For design conscious consumers, the XGIMI HORIZON series has classy, rounded edges and a mesh pattern running all the way round, preventing both models from looking untidy even if they have dust on them. The aluminium casing means it is lightweight but hardy to ensure its long-lasting. The 1080p HORIZON comes in a space-age grey, while the 4K HORIZON Pro is available in matte black.

The XGIMI HORIZON will be priced at £1,099 / $1,099 and the XGIMI HORIZON Pro is £1,699 / $1,699 (UK pricing may be altered in line with conversion rates). Officially due to be launched on 20 June, both models will be available for pre-order from 10 May with shipping due to begin on 20 May.

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