Garage transformed to home cinema

This garage had a stripy makeover from Zebra Home Cinema, transforming the space into a plush home cinema.

Although a garage was the perfect space for a cinema room, there were various considerations that the integrator had to think about.

Firstly, there was a bedroom above the cinema and a sauna room adjacent, so noise isolation was very important. Integrator Atif Ghaffar, director of Zebra Home Cinema said: "Working with the construction team to deliver this was key. They managed to build a room within the garage and minimised vibrations."


The space was designed as a cinema but the client's main use for the room was to watch Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and playing Call of Duty. Because of this, the integrators opted for a 16:9 screen rather than 2.35:1, as well as choosing as Xbox One X because it can process Dolby Atmos audio on selected Xbox titles such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare. 

The controllers had to communicate with the Xbox via Bluetooth so the console has to remain in the room. However, it was hidden from view in a raised platform. 


In order for the client to watch the UFC and play his Xbox in comfort, seating played a big part in the install. "The seats were chosen by the client with the aim of being able to have friends over to enjoy UFC and movies in a relaxed environment - he didn't want 'formal' cinema seating in a single row," Ghaffar continued. 

"He was also particular about the use of LED lighting to illuminate walkways and the walls in a choice of colours. This was enabled by the Enttec ODE control system."


Not wanting the stylish aesthetics of the room to be spoiled by large speakers, the client was very clear on his decision to have a discrete in-wall speaker system. 

"The M&K in-wall speakers were chosen for the excellent accuracy and dispersion as well as efficiency," added Ghaffar. "The paintable grilles for the surround and ceiling speakers were made to blend in to the room decor. This was also why the front screen wall was brought forward so that the subwoofers in the corners could be tucked away, flush to the wall, rather than be 'in' the room."


The projector was also hidden in a custom housing using space in the adjacent gangway to the cinema room and remainder of the garage. 

An existing AV rack was used which also housed the CCTV system and cabled everything back to this position. 


Ghaffar concluded: "The project was reasonably straightforward to execute and we were particularly pleased with the construction methods used and how discrete the system was whilst delivering powerful performance." 

His associate installer, Kaine Pritchett from Virtus Integration added: "The key to the room in my opinion is the solid, vibration free construction created by working very closely with the construction team."


Tech spec
Anthem MRX-1120 11.2 Channel Receiver
Apple 4K
Cisco Network & Wireless System (existing)
Control4 CA1
Control4 Neeo Remote
Control4 Wireless Lighting
Enttec ODE LED Controller
Epson TW9400
Miller & Kreisel IW150 Left/Right/Centre Speakers
Miller & Kreisel IW85 Surround Speakers, Rear Centres & In-Ceiling
Miller & Kreisel X12 Dual 12-in Subwoofers
Projecta Fixed Frame HSDIx HD 1.1 Contrast Acoustically Transparent 173x296cm 126-in Screen
Xbox One X

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