Magic Leap’s potentially game-changing headset is coming this summer

Hold on to your headsets… the mixed reality market is just about to get interesting as the ever-elusive, Florida-based manufacturer Magic Leap prepares to finally launch its much-anticipated headset.

We’re finally learning more about the product many predict to be a game-changer for mixed reality from Magic Leap.

The company shed a little light on the ‘Creator Edition’ of its ‘One’ headset during a recent developer chat hosted on gaming platform Twitch – stating that the product will run on Nvidia’s small but mighty Tegra X2 processor.

The Magic Leap One will support hand gesture tracking, eye tracking and the use of a physical controller to support all areas of an ‘immersive’ experience.

The company furthermore hinted that any potential battery life projections will be down to how power-draining each game is made to be. As yet, there’s a lot of work to do for the content to catch up, which is one major drawback Magic Leap are set to face.

Further details at this moment are scant, but we do know the One headset will be pitched at the premium market (rumoured to be starting at around $1,000) and will be available later this summer – one would assume this means late August, but definitely never assume anything when it comes to Magic Leap.

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