Silver screen meets sonic sanctuary

With no budget constraints, Cinema Pro defied limits to create a cinema oasis for its client that cleverly transforms into a listening room at the touch of a button

With a remit from its client to integrate a no-expense-spared cinema within a 38 sq m space, Cinema Pro got to work delivering cutting-edge AV technology, lighting and acoustic solutions pared with top-notch engineering expertise.

Cinema Pro was tasked with design and construction of the complete technical infrastructure, AV installation and design of lighting scenes and interior design. “This was a completely new project,” confirms Maciej Kucharczyk co-founder and CTO of Cinema Pro. “The old DIY set up and interior was demolished. The client trusted us and gave us free reign on this project. His top priority was the highest quality home theatre and we made all the technical decisions.”

A highlight of the new space is the audio configuration that uses an 11.4.8 setup consisting of 19 speakers and 4 subwoofers. The advanced audio system supports immersive sound formats including Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro, and Auro 3D to envelop the viewer in a captivating auditory experience. Cinema Pro complemented the powerful audio with a video setup that boasts full compatibility with 8K resolution, as well as HDR and Dolby Vision technologies, ensuring stunning visual clarity and vibrancy.

To ensure an unrivalled cinematic experience, Cinema Pro first had to acoustically isolate the cinema from the rest of the client’s residence. The integrator built a special substructure and employed a system of vibration-isolating acoustic hangers designed in the US, as well as specialised sound insulating and sealing elastomers. When paired with acoustic studio doors and an extensive system of silencers in the ventilation system, the cinema is completely isolated from the rest of the home.

Cinema Pro selected Focal 1000 series in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers and Wisdom Audio S90i subwoofers controlled by a 32-channel Trinnov Altitude32 processor and two 16-channel Trinnov Amplitude16 power amplifiers. The integrator meticulously calibrated the audio system, programming eight different sound presets tailored to varying audience sizes, listening positions, and content types.

On the video front, the cinema houses a JVC 8K laser projector, supported by an external MadVR Envy Extreme video processor and a dedicated anamorphic lens. The ISF/THX calibrated video system delivers breathtaking visuals with deep blacks, high HDR brightness, and stunning colours. Cinema Pro also provided video presets, tailored to content chosen and user preference.

Sources for the cinema system include a Cambridge Audio Bluray player, Apple TV and Zappiti Neo media player and NAS server.

Cinema Pro also provided a stereo system for the space using Focal Utopia Maestro Evo floorstanding loudspeakers controlled by a Trinnov Amethyst preamplifier and Musical Fidelity M8s-500s power amplifiers. A Denon DCD-1600NE CD player, high-end turnatable and integrated Roon streamer feed into the stereo system.

To integrate the high-end stereo system into the cinema, Cinema Pro had to work out how the loudspeakers could be repositioned when switching between cinema mode or stereo mode. The Optimizer calibration system in the Trinnov Amethyst preamplifier guarantees a huge improvement in sound quality but requires pinpoint accuracy in speaker positioning. Therefore, to deliver optimum listening conditions and to take advantage of the Trinnov system, when the projector is on, the speakers have stand next to the wall but accurately move to a completely different, very specific place when the stereo system is in use.

Cinema Pro was able to solve the problem with microprocessor-controlled trolleys fixed under each speaker column. The speakers can be controlled to move to repeatable locations with an accuracy of 5mm. Working with Focal engineers, Cinema Pro was able create a housing for the trolleys that was identical to the factory base of the speakers to maintain the aesthetics of the columns.

Cinema Pro is the European dealer for Quest Acoustical Interiors and turned to the American company’s products for acoustic treatment within the space. Again, one of the biggest challenges here was to have a space that was acoustically suitable for cinema applications and stereo listing applications. However, Cinema Pro was able to work out how to achieve reference acoustic parameters in accordance with ITU-R/CEDIA industry standards and achieve excellent timbre, clarity and spatiality of sound without aesthetic compromises. The integrator notes that the Trinnov Optimizer calibration system was a huge help here.

Cinema Pro complemented the extraordinary AV setup with an intuitive control system, opting for a Control4 system. Control is accessed via an app on a tablet device, allowing the homeowners to operate lighting, sound and image from one place. Devices are grouped for the purposes of control so that after selecting a function, for example “movie”, the relevant devices power on, the lights dim and the appropriate colour is selected for the room. Cinema Pro programmed several presets that include options for whether the whole family is watching, if someone is watching content alone, if friends are visiting. Presets for content types such as movies, concerts and gaming, are also preset. The homeowners just have to press one button for the entire room to configure to their needs and deliver the best possible audio and video experience.

With the cinema room in place, the clients also have additional benefits in other areas of their home. “We installed a Zappiti NAS server from which there are outputs in other rooms of the house, such as the bedroom, providing access to a movie library on other TVs and devices,” says Kucharczyk.

Cinema Pro continues to work with the homeowners managing the Control 4, Trinnov and MadVR Envy Extreme technologies remotely with future plans to integrate technology in a games room and deliver an audio system in the living room.


Apple TV 4K

Cambridge Audio CXUHD Bluray player

Control 4 control system and app

Denon DCD-1600NE CD player

Focal 1000IWLCR6 in-wall loudspeakers

Focal 1000IW6 in-wall loudspeakers

Focal 1000ICA6 in-ceiling loudspeakers

Focal Maestro Utopia Evo floorstanding loudspeakers

JVC DLA-RS4100 projector 

MadVR Envy Extreme video processor

Musical Fidelity M8s-500s power amplifiers

Panamorph Palladin DCR+XM2 anamorphic lens

Roon Rock Server

Trinnov Alititude32 audio processor

Trinnov Amplitude16 power amplifiers

Trinnov Amethyst pre-amp

Wisdom Audio S90i subwoofers

Zappiti Neo media player

Zappiti NAS 4K HDR SE media storage


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