Peer Review: Epson EH-TW9300 projector

The Epson EH-TW9300 projector supports 4K HDR content and the ability to enhance 1080p. Powered by 3LCD technology, the projector produces 2,500 lumens of brightness and offers a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

Motorised lens adjustment control is on hand for deployment, with a lamp life of roughly 7 years ensuring maintenance is minimal following installation.

Reviewed by Owen Maddock, owner of Bristol, UK-based custom installation company ConnectedWorks and co-founder of Home Tech Gallery, a collaborative dedicated to showcasing the work of pro installation companies working in the smart home and entertainment space.

Where have you used this product?

We recently used the Epson EH-TW9300 projector for a mixed-use family room project. We picked this projector for a number of reasons. Firstly, because it is the only design (along with other products in the same range) that would work for this project, as we needed a lens throw of 1.40. Other projectors in the same class start off around 1.5, which is usually fine, but this room is quite shallow, and we didn’t want to install the projector in next door’s house!

Secondly, the high brightness that is available with this projector means that the image is very watchable in the daytime, which was incredibly important for this project, as the client enjoys watching football and rugby games on a massive screen with friends and family.

Thirdly, the client was a bit sceptical about projection in general, but liked and trusted us, so the projection system had to be kept fairly affordable (they spent more on the 65-in OLED TV, which is the ‘everyday’ option in the same room).

Why did you choose it?

The Epson EH-TW9300 projector has lens memory – motorised optics with pre-set memory positions – which is unheard of in this price range. That means we can offer ‘cinema-wide’ screens in the more affordable projects, without compromising on the rest of the system to get there. When the clients enjoy films, that’s a big jump forward in enjoying an immersive experience. It is also incredibly impressive and is great for showing off, as it’s something their friends mostly don’t have.

This projector also has very flexible optics in general – a wide throw range is useful in unusually shallow or long rooms. Wide-ranging lens shift allows the projector to be horizontally or vertically off-axis.

None of this would matter if the picture performance wasn’t outstanding, however, the picture is exceptionally good.

What do you like about the product?

We are really happy with our choice of projector for this project.

Epson projectors are well made with a long (60-month) warranty as standard. We’ve installed plenty its projectors in our time and haven’t had one go wrong yet… touch wood!

Flexible lenses and very high brightness ensure good pictures in a wide range of installations — media rooms, dedicated cinemas, and smaller commercial projects. The extra brightness means that we can use quite big screens – say 3-metre wide in a cinema – without worrying about a ‘washed out’ picture.

We also enjoy working with our rep at our local distributor (AWE), Chris, who we’ve had excellent support from for several years.

Is there anything you would change about it, or like to see updated?

The performance, flexibility, and usability are all excellent. It would be nice to have ‘native’ 4K, not for the visible performance, but to widen the market appeal for the type of buyer who likes to tick all the boxes.

The units are also a little bit big. The trade-off here is that they are very bright and not at all noisy – we assume the size reflects the amount they have to cool down so it probably is the right trade-off.

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