Peer Review: HDanywhere mHub 4K Pro

HDanywhere mHub Pro reviewed by Durgesh Sinh of Nucleus AV, based in London, UK

Where have you used this product?

The HDanywhere mHub Pro is our default video distribution matrix. We currently use it in most of our high-end residential properties, ranging from a two-bedroom apartment all the way up to large detached houses.

It allows us to centrally locate all the source equipment in a rack and transmit video and/or audio anywhere in the property via a single Cat6 Cable. This ultimately gives the client access to all their content anywhere in the home.

It also can deliver source output in 4K, if the source device and display support this. This has been very important factor with the rise of SkyQ, and the limitations they currently have of a single 4K box per package.

Why did you choose it?

First and foremost, I would say the mHub offers great reliability – both the box and its receivers are rock solid stable. We have tried many matrixes at a similar price point in the past, and none can come close the reliability it offers in our experience.

Specifications in terms of resolution supported, distance of remote displays from Matrix, and inbuilt features are also at the highest echelons of performance in the market.

In the terms of unique features, the one that separates this from all others is U Control, having a built-in control platform within the unit at no extra cost, has enabled us to start specifying this type of distribution typology in projects that normally would not have the budget for such an approach. This helpfully opens up opportunities for a different market of client to get involved with the home automation space.

What do you like about it?

As mentioned above, our favourite thing about it is its reliability, which in our opinion has reached a point where you forget the unit is there and working. You are, however, reminded every time you see its great design in the rack, or require to use one of its many features; IR pass forward and pass back, RS232, audio de-embedding, or Ethernet pass through to solve a problem or new request by a client.

Is there anything you would change about it?

I would like to see support higher standards of 4K, therefore higher bandwidths. HDanywhere have just released a long-range HDMI extender with 'Tipping Point Compression' (TPC) and it would be a useful technology to have incorporated into mHub.

If the U Control database could also be expanded to allow for IP control of TV and sources, including AVR Zones, this would allow for greater ease of install and flexibility.

Durgesh Sinh is director at Nucleus AV

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