ARLED Cinema creates ultimate reference home cinema to pack a real punch

ARLED Cinema has created arguably one of the most powerful and high-end reference home cinemas at its Hamburg headquarters.

With a grand opening which took place last week, MovieCore was built with the goal to set an example of what is possible and surpass all previous standards. Visually and acoustically, the company wanted the room to achieve perfect, unprecedented results and transmit the greatest possible emotions.

Built in a room with an indoor area of 88 sqm and almost 100 sqm floor space with the acoustic materials, as well as almost five-metres of ceiling height, the cinema room is packed with the highest-performing technology, including an 80” subwoofer and 6.1m screen, to show what is possible with a super luxury home cinema.

Using various professional projectors and the latest LED technology combined with two different audio systems, the cinema demonstrates image and sound solutions to suit individual preferences.

Packing a punch

Featuring 92 speakers from Ascendo Immersive Audio and MAG Cinema, 10 new LED screen speakers, and an 80” Infrasonic subwoofer from Ascendo in a 15-tonne concrete and stone enclosure with a connected power of 10,000 watts, this cinema certainly packs a punch on the audio side.

Watch a video of the new 80" Infrasonic subwoofer in the MovieCore cinema here

All loudspeakers are actively controlled by DSP-Dante AIA power amplifiers with switching unit. A Trinnov Altitude 32 with 2 x 32 channles severs as a preamplifier in the MovieCore cinema. In the field of power amplifiers, various models are used, mainly with DSP support (Ascendo Dante, Powersoft, Crown XTI Series).

Immersive sound is brought together in a 22.6.6 configuration thanks to speakers and processing from Ascendo Immersive Audio, MAG Cinema, Audio Soundsystems, and Trinnov Audio.

Alexander Riemann, CEO of ARLED Cinema, said: “VR planning was already included in the 3D planning phase. This made it possible to see in advance how components had to be aligned in order to avoid reflections at certain points, for example.

“As a preventative measure, the huge 80” infrasonic subwoofers with 10,000 watts of connected power from Ascendo Immersive Audio was given special consideration during construction. Thus, all components in this cinema were extra strongly fixed. As it turned out afterwards, this was exactly right because never before has this subwoofer been installed anywhere in the world. The 80” sub can play with surprising precision but can make the whole room shake when needed.”


The room is comprehensively designed with acoustic measures and meets the RT60 standard. In addition, the power distribution (ETC) is constant from 50Hz in a maximum deviation of 20ms in the room.

The front area of the cinema room is designed as a combined baffle wall with different, calculated plate absorbers. The rear is equipped with different bass absorber units and correspondingly adapted plate absorbers.

The side walls are covered with various acoustic measures in the structure between 20-45cm, whereby absorption alternates with diffusion, including 2D Schröder diffusers.

The ceiling area is built between 45-90cm absorbent, including a full-surface version with perforated plates. In addition, 3D skyline diffusers are installed in the front and rear areas, which are also acoustically calculated to the overall concept of the LS.

Platforms are used to stagger seating and the air area within the two platforms is also used as bass absorption and is equipped with different materials in several chambers.

Around 150 cubic metres of different absorption materials are used here as well as about four tonnes of plate material.

Visual spectacular

Complementing the sound in the cinema are the various visual aspects, which consists of a 6.1m 2.35:1 format ARLED Cinema LED screen or a 6m Screen Research microperforated screen with the choice of a Barco Freya+, Barco Njord CS, or a Christie M 4K25 RGB projector. This allows visitors to compare the advantages of a projection or an LED screen.

The ARLED LED video wall is a first from ARLED and produces crystal clear images with almost 100% blacks.

Over 50 sqm of LED screens have been used in total, including in the ceiling and sides. LED tubes have also been installed in the sides and ceiling which can be controlled via the video content.

The screen can also be extended to the sides and ceiling areas with the push of a button for a more immersive experience.

“The perfect acoustics of the room are visually supported by a Barco Freya+, Barco Njord CS, and Christie M 4K25 RGB projectors, or the option of the ARLED Cinema LED screen,” Riemann added. “At the push of a button, live content from the movie can also be extended to the side and ceiling surfaces. This allows users to increase visual immersion in specific scenes or over the entire length of the film. In addition, ARLED Cinema can create 360-degree content itself, which can be customised according to customer requirements.

“When going to the cinema, you dive into completely new spatial atmospheres, which can be created by our additional screens. Right in front among the screens you can discover another world novelty: a Futurestone. This is a natural stone that can be brought to life by self-illuminating video content. It can be made in different shapes and sizes. The natural stone is always unique and a real eye-catcher.”


The grand opening of the MovieCore cinema took place last week and has since had very positive feedback.

David Meyerowitz, international sales manager at Trinnov Audio, said: “Just incredible best of breed products in a room that is acoustically the best I have ever experienced! Well done everyone!”

“If I had to describe the room in three words, I would say magnificent, insane and incredible!” added Bart Devos, business development manager EMEA at Barco Residential.

The entire concept of MovieCore cinema is scalable to different room size, so smaller or larger rooms can still be equipped with this system. ARLED Cinema’s MovieCore is now open to visitors.

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