Amazon Alexa adds multi-room support

After leaving Echo an Echo Dot owners hanging since the voice devices’ release, Amazon has finally introduced ‘multi-room music’ support for Alexa devices allowing users to synchronise what’s playing across specific speakers.

Owners of multiple Amazon Echo or Dot devices are now able to use voice commands to manage all of their devices.

The newly introduced ‘multi-room music’ feature allows users to use the Alexa app to create their own groups (and create labels i.e. ‘bedroom’) and control playback on different devices with voice commands.

This essentially means a user located in the bedroom could ask Alexa to play a song on Echo devices located in the ‘kitchen’ or ‘living room’ and enter the room with their favourite song playing without having to lift a finger.

The feature is support on Amazon Music and TuneIn streaming service platforms, with Spotify expected to follow very soon.

US users also can access services from iHeartRadio and Pandora, with support for SiriusXM on the horizon.