Amazon launches Echo Spot in the UK

Following a fairly mixed reception to its ‘Echo Show’ offering, Amazon is targeting its alarm clock-cum-smart-camera, the Echo Spot, in the European market with its UK launch.

The smaller, rounder brother to the Echo Show has been available in the US for a while now, and now it’s coming to virtual shopping baskets in the UK (likely before other European countries) ahead of a January 24, 2018 release.

Although alarm clock-esque in appearance, Amazon’s Echo Spot can do much more than get you up for work in the morning. Priced at £120 in the UK (or £200 for two), the Spot offers the ability to watch Amazon Video on its 2.5-in screen, take video calls and stream music through Amazon Music and Spotify – the differentiating factor from a Dot here being that lyrics can appear on screen for your very own karaoke sess (when using the former). YouTube functionality isn’t yet supported whilst Google and Amazon still continue their very public clash over access on Amazon products.

You can also ask it to read the news and it will do so whilst showing the relevant video or animation, if that appeals to you when getting your daily digest from your preferred news source.

Users simply slide down from the tip to access the Spot’s settings, or across to alter the menu. As many as 17 different clock faces are available at the product’s launch.

Time will tell if smart home novices will spurn their iPad for watching their favourite TV show or seeing the news on a small, circular screen, but hey, who doesn’t like to start their day with a singalong?