Amazon rolls out different ’œhome security’ installation packages

In the US Amazon is dipping its toe into offering different levels of “smart security packages” including product installation according to information spotted on the company’s portal.

It’s no secret that Amazon has been looking to take advantage of security being the most lucrative point of entry for those looking to explore making their first ‘smart’ home purchase.

This year both Blink and Ring have bolstered the company’s portfolio to meet demand for connected security cameras and video doorbells, and now the pieces of the puzzle are coming together – but it’s not too different from the install services Amazon was already offering… for the moment.

First spotted by TechCrunch, the retail powerhouse has a portal on the company's Smart Home Services section offering five different home security packages – including a “smart” package (featuring an Echo Dot and alerts, sirens, a front-door video feed) prices at $575 and a “smartest” package (billed as a “comprehensive whole-home security package” with added smart lighting, a wireless speaker and water, motion & CO sensors) priced at $840, with installation by “experts” also included with both (across two visits). Crucially, there’s no professional alarm monitoring available as yet.

screenshot of  what's offered in different amazon smart security packages

It appears Amazon hasn’t officially started marketing the scheme yet (though it seems like it will be available across 12 states) – but it seems there will be no monthly service fee necessary unlike some other providers, but at the same time you can bet ongoing support and video storage for the products to be far from a given.

Although many have been quick to label this the real deal and claim Amazon are offering “full smart home security installations” – the reality is that the packages offered aren’t yet going to steal your business from the discerning homeowner looking for a hard-wired full home automation and security system.

This all could change if the scheme takes off of course and Amazon invest more resources in it. Watch this space for more about the packages, and if Amazon eventually takes the plunge to bring it across the pond.