Apex-Tech UK distributing video processor for high-end private cinemas

Glasgow-based Apex-Tech UK has announced it is distributing madVR Envy, a high-quality video processor designed to extract every bit of performance from the display for high-end home cinemas.

The madVR Envy uses patent-pending algorithms to deliver a premium, high-quality picture performance, creating dramatic yet highly accurate video through frame-by-frame HDR dynamic tone mapping, upscaling, fast subtitle and aspect ratio management at output resolutions up to 8K.

The processor also offers debanding and compression artifact reduction, specialised sharpening and detail enhancement, 3D LUT calibration, non-linear stretch and much more.

An easy to use, plug-and-play device, madVR Envy features an intuitive on-screen menu which allows users to make image adjustments which can be stored in user profiles. It also offers an interface for professional calibration to achieve the most accurate image possible. Firmware updates are easily performed and integration with all major control systems is seamless.

MadVR Envy is available in two models, the Pro and Extreme. Envy Pro creates detailed high-quality images while providing most of the functionality and enhancements needed in any performance cinema. Envy Extreme is the ideal choice for videophiles and discerning clients who require the ultimate performance.


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