Arthur Holm to Show New DynamicX2 and Dynamic3 Series at ISE 2015

Arthur Holm will be presenting its new DynamicX2 at ISE 2015. This product line has been re-designed with a new-ultra thin design becomin...

Arthur Holm will be presenting its new DynamicX2 at ISE 2015. This product line has been re-designed with a new-ultra thin design becoming the slimmer aluminum built retractable monitor on the market. The monitor depth is now minimal and the screen looks thinner and extremely elegant. DynamicX2 series are silent, fast, reliable, individually addressable and remotely diagnosable monitors. They are compatible with multiple sources and provide a safety system, which stops the mechanism in case of resistance. Touted as the only monitors on the market that provide automatic adjustable tilting by using only one engine—a system which is protected by an international patent—they feature less components, higher reliability (five-year warranty), less noise and no maintenance. The monitor’s passive cover plate prevents dirt and any kind of object from falling inside the mechanism and the lift system has different speed levels depending on the screen position, having as a result a harmonic drive and eluding abrupt movements. Dynamic3 series have also been re-designed by providing a new mechanic system that reduces the noise and provides smother movements. [caption id="attachment_7507" align="alignleft" width="400"] Arthur Holm display diagram[/caption] The new DynamicX2 and Dynamic3 add exclusive features in terms of control and factory service. They integrate an Interactive Setup Display, which allows individual addressing (30 monitors can be individually controlled through one port), shows on the LCD screen the command which has been received and helps to optimize installation time and costs. A secondary menu, allows the adjustment the speed and auto calibration of the system of the monitor. All monitors are HDCP compliant, assuring high bandwidth digital content protection compatibility. A new version of the AHnet software will be presented at ISE 2015 too. The AHnet monitor control software facilitates the installation, control and administration of the Arthur Holm  motorised products. It has been designed to control and diagnose any installation of Arthur Holm Dynamic products. It allows individual, group or overall control. It allows the creation of different memories to help to setup the arrangement of the room to respond to different work scenes. These are stored in the memory and can be retrieved by a single click. The Auto check function allows to load test files and the program can be configured to send an alarm by e-mail, reporting if a unit is failing and the cause of the malfunction. It permits remote checking of the screens before an event and receive feedback of each monitor, allowing on-site or remotely located staff to get information of up to 900 screens simultaneously.

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