Bang & Olufsen Launches BeoLink Gateway for Home Automation Integration

The new BeoLink Gateway is the easiest way on the market to integrate music and video throughout the automated home. Connection between B...

The new BeoLink Gateway is the easiest way on the market to integrate music and video throughout the automated home. Connection between Bang & Olufsen’s BeoLink system and dedicated home automation systems is simple and seamless, so premium listening and viewing experiences are readily available wherever you want them. But BeoLink Gateway integrates much more than Bang & Olufsen products. Designed with custom installers in mind, the new Real-Time Configuration platform is the simplest way yet to control the entire home’s automated functions. A unique user interface auto-configures itself on the fly, radically reducing all the complex programming tasks that used to be required to integrate dozens of disparate systems. Every once in a while, an innovative product has the power to change the way we live. One case in point is the new BeoLink Gateway, which introduces a truly different way to integrate the intelligent home. With BeoLink Gateway and Real-Time Configuration programming platform, Bang & Olufsen brings decades of experience in user-centric design and all-new software to custom installers and home automation systems. Now, discerning homeowners who want to integrate automated systems into their lifestyle can control dozens of disparate devices – all from the convenience of one Bang & Olufsen remote or app. According to category manager Brian Bjørn Hansen, the launch of the new BeoLink Gateway signals Bang & Olufsen’s commitment to the growing home automation market. “Consumers want the convenience of simple control not just for their televisions and sound systems, but for an ever-growing number of smart, connected devices,” he says. “So custom installers – especially at the high-end – are building and retrofitting increasingly complex systems that automate everything from audio and video systems to lighting, security, IT networks, HVAC and window coverings. Our new BeoLink Gateway is perfectly positioned to tame the complexity and make home automation as simple as it is seamless.” Great sound and video has never been easier to integrate The new BeoLink Gateway integrates everything Bang & Olufsen has to offer in premium listening and viewing experiences to everything else in the automated home – all in one beguilingly simple system. The well-designed user interface is available on a Bang & Olufsen remote, on a smart phone or tablet with the BeoLink app, or on a third-party screen. At first glance, BeoLink Gateway is an unassuming affair with just a few connections: Master and Network Links that connect to Bang & Olufsen’s own BeoLink ecosystem, and Ethernet and USB ports that connect to third-party control systems and devices. You need to take a closer look at the native software powering Real-Time Configuration to discover how BeoLink Gateway really begins to shine. At its core, the new product is less about circuit boards more about device-agnostic transparency, simplified programming and user-centric interfaces. BeoLink Gateway takes industry-standard HTML5 to a whole new level, with a groundbreaking, platform-independent UI that allows installers to simply choose which devices they want to integrate – without worrying about all of the coding. Programming complexity made simple Real-time Configuration makes it refreshingly easy to set up and integrate a plethora of diverse devices in different rooms and zones. BeoLink Gateway is the first product on the market that allows real-time editing and configuration for audio, video and any other home automation options. Combine a string of actions across any system to create macros – or “scenes” – that make complex tasks simple. Flick a switch to welcome the family home with music, lights and HVAC settings. Or just tell your remote you want to watch TV, and the system knows which curtains to draw and which lamps to turn on. Leaving home? Power down all AV equipment, turn on the security system and turn off all the lights with a single switch by the garage door. While other home automation software systems may allow some of the same automations, none is as simple to use as Real-Time Configuration. Hundreds of drivers for all leading home automation systems and devices are pre-installed. The platform has effectively removed coding from the workflow for most installations, and relies instead on resource-oriented programming that makes adding a device to home automation as easy as clicking on an icon. With the unique new Flick-and-Capture feature, installers can even turn on the lamp (or curtains, coffee machine, etc.) they want to integrate in a macro or scene, and program it into the automation sequence live – with no waiting or coding – while a colleague is working on programming another room or zone. For custom installers, this means complex programming processes that used to take days can now be completed in hours. Maintaining or upgrading home automation systems is also much simpler. For homeowners, this means home automation is something they don’t need to worry about. Listening and viewing experiences in Bang & Olufsen quality are integrated with the rest of their home’s automation, and everything they need to know is designed into one remote or app. BeoLink Gateway will be available at Bang & Olufsen stores worldwide later in the spring.

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