CEDIA Announces New Modularised Format for its Electronic Systems Technician Training Courses

CEDIA has announced a new modularised format for its EST (Electronic Systems Technician) training courses to provide new and experienced ...

CEDIA has announced a new modularised format for its EST (Electronic Systems Technician) training courses to provide new and experienced installers with a more manageable training schedule which doesn’t require too much time off site. This restructure sees the EST1 Boot Camp and EST2 Technical School courses split down into more specific modules, each lasting one day and ending with an examination. As a result, the length of the units are reduced, meaning that installers can focus on a particular topic of interest and complete it in one day, eliminating any disruption to project work. “Our education programme has been going from strength to strength over the last year as we have introduced a range of new courses” says Matt Dodd, Education Director of CEDIA Region 1. “However, we know that it can be hard to find time to attend a training course, especially when they are three to five days long. By moving to a modularised format, we hope that more installers will be able to attend the training sessions and benefit from courses which are more specific to their requirements.” The EST1 Boot Camp course, which was previously a three day course, has now been split down into three modules, including a Cables & Connectivity workshop, Health & Safety course and Documentation & Site Skills session. These one day courses have been developed for new installers but are based on the mixed needs of attendees. Previously lasting for a full week, the EST2 Technical School is suitable either for installers with some experience, or as a follow on from the courses included in Boot Camp. The one day sessions now focus on Maths, Science & Engineering for Installers, Residential Networking, Audio, Video & Home Cinema for Installers, RF Distribution Systems / Control Systems and the EST2 Certification Exam. To support this change, CEDIA has also introduced a new feedback process. The Training Needs Analysis requires installers to review the course they have attended to allow CEDIA to develop and improve its education programme. It considers the skills and knowledge required for residential installation work and how best to develop them. Consisting of 20 questions, the information provided will allow CEDIA to tailor its training offering to be more effective. For more information and to book onto a course, visit CEDIA Courses. For details on the Training Needs Analysis, visit www.cediaeducation.com/training-needs

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