CEDIA helps members demonstrate credentials by cutting ECS card fees

CEDIA is waiving application fees for its ECS Home Technology Integrator cards, a route for its members to demonstrate competency to the wider construction community.

CEDIA members have until October 31 to apply free of charge for the card that was launched after the Joint Industry Board (JIB) and CEDIA worked together to formally recognise the skills of integrators in the UK. Fully affiliated to the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) scheme, the ECS card is a route to obtain access to construction sites and provide proof of identity and qualification levels.

To be eligible for ECS card promotion, applicants must: Hold at least one of the two technician certifications offered by CEDIA – CIT or IST; Hold the ECS Electrical Safety Unit assessment; and Hold a current ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment (No health and safety qualification exemptions are permitted for this card). For details visit the ECS H&S Assessment page.

Matt Nimmons, managing director, CEDIA EMEA, said: “The ECS card is an effective way of showcasing the professionalism of our industry and breaking down potential barriers in accessing construction sites.

“Those who hold the card can proudly display their qualification status as well as their electrical safety and health and safety knowledge. We are launching this promotion to allow additional integrators to take advantage of this benefit and to help elevate and champion our industry further.”

CEDIA member, IndigoZest, has been supportive of this scheme and have got many of its engineers an ECS card through CEDIA. Phil Atkins, technical director at IndigoZest said: “The building and construction industry often request some level of certification or validation of health and safety of our team on site. The ECS card shows that the cardholder is qualified to carry out UK AV work, as identified on the card, and allows them access to a construction site or property. It is not always required, but for those sites that do ask for it, we don't not want to be considered just because we have not gained the formal qualification. The ECS card shows that our engineers meet the required level of health and safety to work in a safe manor on site.”

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