CEDIA Launches New Peer-to-Peer Networking Groups

After a successful launch in the US last year, CEDIA has introduced CEDIA Groups into the EMEA Region.

This peer-to-peer networking initiative will provide the industry with the opportunity to discuss every facet of the integration business with their peers and share best practice. The first CEDIA EMEA Group will be hosted by Giles Sutton, CEDIA Vice Chairman, and Director of London-based member, James + Giles. 

“Networking with other like-minded member companies is a valuable benefit for members of the CEDIA community,” says Matt Nimmons, Operations Director at CEDIA. “CEDIA Groups is a simple concept to generate real conversation, more regularly, and make this networking more productive. These member-facilitated discussions will gather five to seven non-competitive CEDIA members together and give them a space to share their insights, resources, and industry-specific expertise.” 

Each CEDIA Group can discuss challenges they are facing and opportunities that have come their way, in a confidential and non-competitive manner. The idea behind these groups is for companies to tap into a deep knowledge base and learn from each other. CEDIA Groups can meet monthly via teleconference or webinar and the agenda and structure is set by the group and its team leader based on the needs of the participants. Groups are provided with resources and support from CEDIA staff but each is unique and tailored to help participants drive success in their business.

Giles Sutton’s first CEDIA EMEA group includes seven home technology professionals who are interested in participating in open and honest conversations on a regularly-scheduled basis.

"Companies cannot survive in a vacuum in this channel,” adds CEDIA CEO, Vin Bruno. “You have to connect with the people around you. CEDIA members have been working to help one another find success since the association was formed. There is a strong tie to the community created within the industry and CEDIA is the common thread. CEDIA groups provide an outlet for members to connect with one another year round.

CEDIA is looking to set up more CEDIA Groups throughout the EMEA region. If you are interested in becoming a CEDIA Group Member, visit www.cedia.net/groups. 

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