CEDIA to highlight residential wellness tech in new event

CEDIA has announced it will hold a two-day virtual event next month to highlight the many facets of wellness technology in the home.

WellCon will be held from 16-17 November in cooperation with RePure, a company that offers both brand agnostic wellness certifications and technology solutions for indoor air and water quality.

The conference is designed for integrators looking to add wellness solutions to their portfolios as well as those interested in expanding their current wellness offerings. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from various subject matter experts in the space, including other integrators, product manufacturers, design consultants, industry press, and more.

The sessions will host open conversations about the current and future states of well-tech.

The first day of WellCon will focus on how technology, such as human-centric lighting and indoor air quality solutions, can be incorporated into home automation systems to improve sleep, energy and overall wellbeing. Speakers will explore considerations relating to customer lifestyles, accessibility, and living in place.

Day two will place greater emphasis on implementing these technology offerings into a business strategy. Panel discussion and presentations will explore case studies, education and certification, commercial well-tech, and the future of wellness technology.

“Well-tech is one of the fastest growing technology trends in the residential market, and integrators are the best equipped to implement these products into the home,” said CEDIA’s senior director strategic partnerships, Ian Bryant.

“We hope that integrators leave with a better understanding of wellness technology and how they can successfully include it in their business offerings. Well-tech fits rights into the consultative model embraced by many in the CI industry, as they pivot from ‘selling tech’ to improving and enhancing customers’ lives in their homes.”

“Health and wellness remain in sharp focus as we approach the end of 2021,” added Giles Sutton, CEDIA’s interim CEO. “Well-tech is creating new ways for people to achieve their desired health outcomes – whether it’s through lights that sync to their circadian rhythm to help them sleep better or proper air filtration that offers relief for their allergies. These technology solutions are truly life changing, and they are no longer reserved for early adopters or the ultra-wealthy.”

Sponsorship and speaking opportunities for WellCon are still available. Registration to attend is now open. www.cedia.net/wellcon

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