Clarity Alliance Adds Trio of British Manufacturers

The Clarity Alliance has announced that British audio manufacturers, Cyrus Audio, Leema Acoustics and Naim Audio have joined the Alliance.

The membership of these globally recognised brands, each of which is a key supplier to UK dealers and an important contributor to the strong British hi-fi export sector, brings further international reach to the manufacturing arm of the industry’s trade association. 

Welcoming all three companies to The Clarity Alliance, Laurence Armstrong, chairman, said, “As the trade association of the UK’s hi-fi industry, it is important that our membership reflects the whole market, if we are to speak, act on behalf of and support the industry. The addition of Cyrus, Leema and Naim to our constantly growing list of members reinforces our position with a decisive statement.” He adds “We are very proud to include these companies within the membership and look forward to a productive relationship with them, that will help strengthen our work for the whole of the UK industry.”

In addition to joining Clarity, Dr Trevor Wilson, managing director of Naim Audio, has agreed to serve on Clarity’s board of directors and, under the terms of the Alliance’s constitution, was duly co-opted as a director during the last board meeting.

Cyrus Audio
Leema Acoustics
Naim Audio

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