Crestron Demos Complete Building Control at Light+Building 2014

Visit Crestron at Light+Building (Hall 11.1, Booth B06) to view the latest in innovative end-to-end solutions for entertainment, environm...

Visit Crestron at Light+Building (Hall 11.1, Booth B06) to view the latest in innovative end-to-end solutions for entertainment, environmental and energy saving control. In the residential and commercial building sector, few companies offer as complete a service as Crestron in the world of integrated technology. It is possible to implement Crestron solutions at every stage of the Building Management Services (BMS) and Audio Visual (AV) chain: from the switch to the lamp, via cables and control gear, and from the touch screen to the air-con via seamless programming and industry-leading energy management programs. Add dynamic control interfaces and unparalleled DigitalMediaâ„¢ signal delivery to the mix, and you have a complete, Integrated by Designâ„¢ solution for any installation. Light Crestron has continued to develop lighting control throughout the company’s 40 year history. At Light+Building this year, the InfiNET EX® line of wireless lighting products will be on show. With the infiNET EX gateway, a complete wireless lighting system can be easily connected back to a Crestron hub, improving the wider integration of BMS elements. This is the ideal solution for retrofit projects and landmark or listed structures where new cable runs are not an option. The complete infiNET EX range comprises the gateway, dimmers, control modules and a number of customisable switch designs for all design schemes. The range also extends to cover wireless, wall-mount thermostats to scale up for even more comprehensive building control. Completing the lighting chain is Crestron’s CLED range of luminaires, developed in-house and built via a rigorous R&D process. When used in conjunction with Crestron control gear these fittings guarantee smooth LED dimming from 100 to 1%. In addition the colour temperature warms at lower levels to replicate the dimming curve of halogen. Crestron’s confidence in its CLED range of downlights is underpinned by a five-year warranty on its luminaires and two years on the power supply unit (PSU). +Building DigitalMediaâ„¢ (DM®) is the Crestron platform that has been developed to handle the specific needs of today’s networking infrastructure and will transport virtually any mix of digital and analogue signals across a building. Included within the Crestron DM line of control processors is the new 3-Series RMC3. The IP-based processor is built to encompass all aspects of building control - AV, lighting, shading, climate control, security, energy management – and will interface with industry protocols such as DALI and BACnet. Reporting back on a building’s energy consumption is an action that has become increasingly important in recent years and in many instances is already a legislative requirement. Crestron’s Fusionâ„¢ Enterprise Management Platform program provides the tools not just for monitoring, but managing the energy consuming elements of a building. From individual lamps to entire zones of lighting, heating, cooling and shading technologies – as well as room scheduling and remote security settings – all installed technology in a building can be covered under the Crestron Fusion umbrella. Simple display screens and energy reports will show both energy spikes and the areas in which they occur, allowing users to intuitively action and lower the highest energy consumers. Clever Control As the front-end of all building control is the interface. Crestron has mastered this and provides a number of solutions that combine the best of mobile device control with the essential, dedicated control touch screen. Leading the way at Light+Building is the flagship TSW range. Developed with PoE connectivity, the TSW range of in-wall and table-top touchscreens provide intuitive control of an entire building: from selecting your favourite song at home, to setting and deploying effective lighting and HVAC settings across an office of campus. New for Light+Building visitors will be the latest innovation to this range – voice activated control, and the introduction of the TSD 2020 1080p display, launching with a 20" capacitive screen. Combined with easy to program Smart Graphicsâ„¢, the TSW and entire range of Crestron touch screens are infinitely customisable for all projects and combine HD graphics and streaming with the most slick aesthetic in touch screen design today. Wired for Sound The Crestron family of in-wall, in-ceiling and surface mount speakers bring a finishing touch to every room. Designed for ease-of-installation and a discreet built-in appearance, each model natively speaks to a Crestron system to ensure high performance and complete control. From classrooms to high-end homes, Crestron speakers hit the right note in any sound environment. Linking back to Crestron’s Sonnexâ„¢ hardware for audio distribution - or DM amplifiers and units for commercial buildings - another element of integrated technology is able to be absorbed into Crestron control. Connecting via elements of the Crestron DM range, the signal delivery in a Crestron audio system is optimised and signals are never compressed for lossless, low-latency audio, whether from your audio library or via online streaming service and internet radio. Learn more To learn more about Crestron’s complete line of integrated building technologies visit stand 11.1 B06 at Light + Building, Messe Frankfurt, Germany 30th March – 4th April 2014.

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