Crestron Demos Expanded DigitalMedia 4K Product Line at InfoComm 2014

Building upon its leadership position in 4K Ultra HD, Crestron is showcasing a full lineup of DigitalMedia 4K products at InfoComm14. ...

Building upon its leadership position in 4K Ultra HD, Crestron is showcasing a full lineup of DigitalMedia 4K products at InfoComm14. “DigitalMedia is more than 4k ready’; it’s 4K already,” said Tom Barnett, Crestron Marketing Director. "While others are getting ready,’ we’re shipping a complete 4K solution today. Even if you don’t have 4K, you need the 300 MHz bandwidth of our 4K switchers to distribute higher resolutions, such as the native 2880x1800 of Apple® laptops.” DM 4K products include the DMC-4K-HD Input Card, DMC-4K-HD-DSP Input Card, Type 8 DMCO Output Cards, DM-RMC-4K-100-C DM Receiver, DMB-4K-I-HD Input Blade, DMB-4K-O-C Output Blade, HD-EXT3-C Extender, HD-XSPA AVR with integrated DM Receiver, HD-RX3-C Receiver, and HD-TX3-C Transmitter. To learn more about delivering 4K Ultra HD video distribution in today's AV systems, visit Crestron booth C7008 at InfoComm14 in Las Vegas, June 18 – 20. New Crestron FlipTopâ„¢ delivers configurable tabletop connectivity and room control in one space-saving package
 Crestron debuts its new FlipTop Touch Screen Control System (FT-TSC600) at InfoComm14. With an integrated 3-Series® control system and 5-inch TSW touch screen, the FT-TSC600 provides connectivity, cable management, and control in a single, sleek, space-saving tabletop package. Smart starts here Recessed in any conference room table or lectern, the FT-TSC600 provides a stylish, hidden solution for accessing cables, connectors, power outlets, and room control. Connect devices such as laptops or tablets and start presenting in seconds. Retract the cables and hide the touch screen away safely when not in use. New on-board control system The FT-TSC600 takes the FlipTop line to the next level. The integrated 3-Series control system and touch screen can provide total control for an entire room. The touch screen can be fully customized to enable meeting attendees to select presentation sources, adjust audio levels, dim the lights, lower shades, and more. No equipment rack needed 
The FT-TSC600 packs the industry’s best control technologies in one space-saving design with no need for a separate equipment rack. Onboard Ethernet and Cresnet® ports deliver the essential connectivity to integrate a roomful of equipment and connect to the building network. On-board Ravaâ„¢ SIP Intercom technology enables you to make intercom or phone calls right from the touch screen. And, using PoE technology, the FT-TSC600 gets its operating power right through the LAN wiring. Control done beautifully The built-in TSW touch screen offers slim, sleek styling; stunning HD graphics; ultra-bright, ultra-responsive capacitive display; and edge-to-edge glass, plus Crestron Smart Graphicsâ„¢ to deliver the most dynamic, engaging user experience. Visit Crestron booth C7008 at InfoComm14 to learn more about implementing a complete in-table connectivity, cable management, and control solution for your smart conference room with Crestron FlipTops. Crestron DigitalMediaâ„¢ Integrates Streaming and Uncompressed HD Video Distribution on One Platform Crestron will debut its DMC-STR Streaming Input Card and demonstrate live streaming at booth C7008 at InfoComm14. Used in tandem with the DMC-STRO Streaming Output Card, the DMC-STR permits DigitalMedia switchers to send and receive high-performance H.264 streaming video. The DMC-STR Streaming Input Card enables you to receive H.264 streaming video input and then output it via HDMI® or any other DM output. Conversely, with the DMC-STRO Streaming Output Card you can receive HD video via HDMI or any other DM input and stream H.264 video out. By equipping one DM® matrix switcher with the DMC-STRO Streaming Output Card and another with a DMC-STR Streaming Input Card, you can stream H.264 video between the two, across the building or campus or anywhere in the world. “Streaming-only solutions may appear attractive at first. But more often than not, the need will arise to transmit uncompressed video as well,” said Matt Browning, Crestron EMEA Marketing Campaign Manager. “DM delivers the best of both worlds. You can stream and transmit uncompressed video on one platform, eliminating the need for separate Ethernet infrastructure.” DigitalMedia provides the versatility, uncompromised image quality, and speed that streaming-only solutions simply do not. With DigitalMedia you can also distribute point-to-point, analog, and uncompressed HDCP-protected HDMI, HDBaseT®, and even 4K content. It’s the only distribution solution that accepts any type of signal or stream in, and then sends it out in the same or different signal type. For example, DM can accept a video stream over IP and then distribute that signal via HDMI locally. Alternatively, local HDMI signals can be streamed out over IP. These card-based DM switchers are easily configurable as organizational needs change. By simply adding or replacing cards, streaming capabilities can be added without having to change or replace switcher frames.

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