Different mesh WiFi kit may work together soon

In a move that will be music to the ears of many, the WiFi Alliance has announced that is tackling lack of interoperability between different mesh WiFi equipment.

The WiFi Alliance wants to standardise mesh networking – eliminating the need for buying multiple routers or access points from just one company to enjoy full WiFi coverage in the home.

If it becomes a reality, the proposed software standard and “EasyMesh” programme, will lead to greater choice for building networks as nodes from various manufacturers will work together, just as the Alliance enforced its WiFi certification to ensure wireless access standards.

The Alliance adds that this would still mean manufacturers can still update and add features to products, as first reported by PC World. The decision is primarily to deal with the problems and frustration that can arise by invididual products not being able to speak to each other.

Manufacturers can also can update firmware on existing routers to meet the criteria certification.

It’s not yet finalised how exactly the WiFi Alliance would market participants in the EasyMesh scheme, and of course, it may find it challenged to get the technology giants of the world (for example, Google) to come on board from remaining closed off and working solely on its own nodes. We can certainly see the appeal for some of the smaller manufacturers who aren’t quite as well-known getting involved, however – supporters announced right off the bat include AirTies, ARRIS, and ASSIA.