DVIGear, Netgear & SDVoE Alliance join forces for webinar

DVIGear, Netgear and the SDVoE Alliance have teamed up to deliver a short-form, 30-minute webinar called ‘10+1 Draws, Awes & Laws of AVoIP’.

Held on multiple dates, the webinar aims to shed insight on the ‘draw’ of networked Av distribution, the ‘awe’-inspiring capabilities of software defined AV and the ‘laws’ of best practice, to keep AV pros in good stead for any project. 

Attendees will hear 10 + 1 reasons from each company on why more ProAV integrators are choosing the best AVoIP technology, the best implementation of that technology and the best backbone to run everything on. 

Following the webinar, there will be a 30-minute Q&A where participants are encouraged to share and discuss ideas and challenges. 

Once integrators have completed the webinar, they will get the opportunity to book a private business analysis and in-depth training to assist, guide and demonstrate where to deploy SDVoE solutions in order to help improve workflows, increase profits, and positively impact business for a variety of use cases. 

With a variety of dates throughout June and July, participants can book onto the webinar here