ELAN Introduces UltraMatrix Multi-Zone Audio and HDMI Switchers

ELAN’s UltraMatrix switchers provide flexibility and simplify installation for any size job with three models that include integrated aud...

ELAN’s UltraMatrix switchers provide flexibility and simplify installation for any size job with three models that include integrated audio and HDBaseT signal routing ELAN g! has become known as the industry’s simplest, fastest-to-install and most cost-effective control system, and today the company is making g! even more attractive to dealers and consumers with the introduction of a new line of incredibly powerful multi-zone audio and HDMI switchers. With three models that collectively accommodate any size project, the new UltraMatrix series marks an ambitious re-entry into integrated audio & video switching for ELAN. The introduction is being made at CEDIA Expo 2014 at Core Brands booth #350 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. The UltraMatrix is designed to cut installation time and wiring runs, reduce costs and provide a single audio and video switching chassis to handle even the largest projects. It will also be the most flexible HDMI switcher on the market today. Each model provides analog, digital, HDMI and HDBaseT audio return inputs, along with analog, digital and HDMI outputs. Using integrated audio routing, installers can route audio from analog, optical SPDIF, coaxial SPDIF and HDMI inputs to analog, coaxial SPDIF or HDMI/HDBaseT outputs. Uniquely they introduce the ability to designate HDMI displays as audio zones, making it perfect for media rooms or conference rooms using soundbars like the Niles Cynema Soundfield. “With the UltrMatrix we are giving every ELAN dealer the opportunity to conquer any size job and reduce both installation time and installation costs,” said Joe Lautner, Core Brands Director of Control Category. “Simply put, this is the most flexible, most capable line of audio and HDMI switchers on the market today. And because they are built for the ELAN Control Platform, configuration is managed within the g! Configurator and can be completed in hours instead of days.” The series flagship gMV1616 combines extensive audio switching with a 16 HDMI input and 16 HDMI/HDBaseT output switcher in a single chassis. It offers 72 audio inputs paths and 64 audio output paths while allowing for a single HDBaseT wire to carry HDMI, Ethernet, serial and IR signals to each display. It’s easy to see how the HDBaseT integration and single chassis design can drastically cut down on wiring interconnects and increase profit by reducing labor costs. The midsize model is the gMV88, which offers 8 by 8 HDMI switching with HDBaseT/HDMI mirrored outputs, 56 audio input paths and 40 audio output paths. It provides all the functionality of the flagship model and is ideal for medium-sized multi-zone installations. For smaller jobs the gMV64 offers 6 by 4 HDMI switching with HDBaseT output, 34 audio input paths and 20 audio output paths. To use the HDBaseT outputs, ELAN is also introducing the ELAN HDRE that decodes HDBaseT, IR, serial and Ethernet signals. A unique HDRE is required for each HDBaseT output, and the unit includes a 4-port Ethernet switch and local audio inputs. They are incredibly efficient to install and are powered through the HDBaseT wire. The breakdown of inputs and outputs for each ELAN gMV switcher are as follows: gMV1616 • 72 total inputs – 16 analog, 24 digital, 16 HDMI, 16 ARP • 64 total outputs – 32 analog, 16 digital, 16 HDMI gMV88 • 56 total inputs – 16 analog, 24 digital, 8 HDMI, 8 ARP • 40 total outputs – 16 analog, 16 digital, 8 HDMI gMV64 • 34 total inputs – 8 analog, 16 digital, 6 HDMI, 4 ARP • 20 total outputs – 8 analog, 8 digital, 4 HDMI The ELAN gMV64 switcher and the HDRE will begin shipping in September with the other products following 30-45 days later. www.elanhomesystems.com www.corebrands.com

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