Faradite launches new engraving service

Faradite has announced a new engraving service for its TAP-5 switches, allowing installers to create a personalised control interface for customers.

First shown at EI Live! Show last month, the new custom engraved TAP-5 switches received a positive response for visitors, showing a whole range of options to personalise these control interfaces to give each client a design that is unique to them and suits what they wish to control in the way they want to control it. 

The TAP-5 switches deliver five points of interaction, compatible with 24V home automation systems, that can be configured to control a home’s lights, blinds, music and heating, for example, from one switch.

The engraving service allows end users to label each switch to help them remember exactly what each touch point controls, particularly useful for guests who have not used the system. 

The TAP-5 switches fit UK backboxes, however, like all other Faradite TAP switches, they are also available for EU boxes.

The engraving service is available on the Brushed Copper and Stainless Steel TAP-5 switches (custom engraving is not available on the Matt White option). The new service is available from today (May 21).