Z-Wave Alliance unveils next gen certification to enhance plug and play experience

The Z-Wave Alliance has released details on its new Z-Wave Plus v2 certification for devices built on the new Z-Wave 700 platform.

The updated certification will improve the consumer experience when it comes to setting up plug and play devices in the home with a new setup feature called SmartStart. 

SmartStart hubs recognise any other SmartStart enabled device by scanning its QR code on the app. The device’s information is already set up inside the hub and pairing is complete prior to a 

For ease of installation, SmartStart enabled hubs are able to recognise any SmartStart enabled accessory device such as a light or door lock, by scanning its QR code on the app. With SmartStart, setup is simplified and shortened because the device’s information is already setup inside the hub and pairing is complete prior to a consumer adding product.

Additional updates for certification of Z-Wave 700-based devices include a requirement for device identification through an LED light on each product to provide user confirmation that the right device is setup within a hub’s app. 

Supported by Silicon Labs and the Z-Wave Alliance, the certification updates require all new hubs and gateway devices built on the Z-Wave 700 platform to support every device category, including sensors. 

In 2017, the Z-Wave Alliance Board of directors voted to make the Z-Wave S2 Security, a new IoT security framework, mandatory in all newly certified devices. The new certification will continue to require each device to implement the updated security framework.