Fundamentals of Residential Electronic Systems

By CEDIA This book covers the broad scope of the residential electronics system industry, not just the work of technicians. It is recommended for sales or project managers, IT or security professionals, office staff, career-changers - anyone who is new to the industry or who would benefit from better understanding the industry. The book directly supports the CEDIA Gateway Certification and is the recommended study guide for the exam, as well as the foundation for higher certifications. Table Of Contents Introduction to the Industry Professionalism and Documentation Business Fundamentals Basic Mathematics and Electricity Safety, Codes and Standards Prewire (1st Fix) and Cabling Trimout (2nd Fix) and Testing Equipment Installation Fundamentals of Sound and Audio Distributed Audio Video Imaging, Signals and Displays Home Theatre Design & Installation The Home Network Lighting and Lighting Control Motorization in the Home Energy Monitoring and Management Security, Alarm, Surveillance and Access Control Power Quality and Conditioning Control Systems and User Interfaces Final Phase and Calibration Resources Member Price: £50 Non-member Price: £85

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