Naim Audio Introduces its Muso Wireless Music System

The new wireless music system for superior sound everywhere in the home Naim Audio is a British company with a global reputation for p...

The new wireless music system for superior sound everywhere in the home Naim Audio is a British company with a global reputation for producing the best premium home music systems. Since 1973, Naim engineers have created a sound that moves you, bringing the experience of live music to the home through a passion for sound and an understanding that great engineering and design gets you closer to the music. Today, Naim introduces Muso, a wireless music system which will transform your music into incredible sonic experiences. Muso has been designed to unleash your digital music, combining Naim’s expertise in streaming, amplification and loudspeaker design to create intense, emotive and enthralling musical experiences. Muso will be available in September 2014 and will retail at £895 inc VAT. Music, liberated Designed for every modern living space, Muso will either blend with your home style or become a central piece of design technology in the living room. Sharing industrial design excellence with the landmark Statement amplifier, Naim’s most powerful creation, Muso is a key part of the Naim mission to make music centre stage in people’s lives, creating intense and emotive listening experiences. While traditional wireless music systems offer quick solutions for sound, Muso offers a carefully engineered step up in sound quality and concentrates on creating the best possible experience for the listener whilst still being simple to set up and use. Meticulously designed, tested and refined by the same team of engineers behind some of the world’s best hi-fi and winners of the Queen’s Award for Innovation 2014, Muso is a true next-generation music system. Music, unlimited Muso can stream high resolution better than CD’ quality music from Apple and Android smartphones and tablets as well as laptops and other storage devices. Its advanced connectivity includes AirPlay, UPnPâ„¢ (Universal Plug n’ Play), Bluetooth (aptX), internet radio and native support for popular streaming services. It will also boost the sound of your TV, set top box or games console through a digital input or take audio from and charge an MP3 player or iPod/iPhone via USB or a 3.5mm analogue input. A Muso control app for iPad, iPhone and iPod as well as Android devices allows you to curate playlists and play your favourite albums on the go or from the sofa. Offering simple controls and classic Naim design, the app also allows access to millions of high quality internet radio stations. The new control app will be available to download for iOS and Android devices in September 2014 and will be compatible with existing Naim streaming products as well as Muso. More details will follow for existing Naim customers closer to launch in September. Pick your favourite internet radio stations and they can be accessed directly from the Muso touch panel volume control, without the need for a smartphone or tablet for those times when you want music instantly. You can also select inputs directly from the product. A bespoke EQ system can alter the sound performance based upon your living space. Whether Muso is positioned close to a wall or away from a wall, bespoke settings allow rich bass reproduction which offer a tailored audio solution far beyond traditional wireless speaker systems. Bass kick, without distortion, is essential for true high fidelity sound. Power and performance Boasting 450 watts of power from six 75 watt digital amplifiers, Muso can be used as a central home hi-fi system or can be linked with other Naim systems such as the UnitiQute 2 to create a true high-fidelity multi-room system. Offering playback of 24bit/192kHz high resolution music which eclipses CD sound, Muso means music lovers no longer have to compromise sound quality for convenience. High resolution audio formats offer recordings identical to the master tapes from the artist. Capable of playing all audio formats from Apple Lossless CD imports from iTunes to HD formats such as WAV, FLAC and AIFF, Muso is an advanced wireless speaker system like no other, created by demanding Naim engineers who seek audio excellence in every product they create. For anyone who has tried a convenient wireless audio solution for the home and not accepted the gap in performance between a wireless system and a true high fidelity system, Muso is the perfect choice. Naim’s Managing Director, Paul Stephenson, commented: “Naim exists to make music central to people’s lives and, as our first wireless music system, Muso exists to make that a reality for even more music lovers. Through a simplicity in design and an understanding of the engineering and technology needed to unleash digital music, we’ve created a system that is a revelation in sound and a joy to own and use.” Wireless innovation, without boundaries From AirPlay to high quality Bluetooth aptX to UPnPâ„¢ Wi-Fi streaming, Muso is compatible with most portable smart devices and compatible NAS drives. Wi-Fi streaming and AirPlay offer constant, hassle-free sound over your home Wi-Fi network. Simply connect your device to Muso once and it remembers it forever. Muso will connect to your home network wirelessly or via a wired connection on an Ethernet port. Bluetooth aptX allows any smartphone or tablet to connect with Muso almost instantly – ideal for entertaining guests and sharing new music. Design excellence There are many elements of design craft that make Muso a unique system but all are born out of a desire for performance and quality. A striking solid extruded aluminium heat sink runs across the length of Muso, designed to maximise thermal performance, longevity and, above all, sound quality. It is bead-blasted and anodised for a premium finish. The internal speaker cabinet is wooden for acoustic performance while the aluminium skin offers extra dampening for a distortion free sound. The silk dome tweeters in Muso replace traditional metal cones found in many wireless speakers and share the same materials as high-end hi-fi speakers. The standard speaker grille can be detached and replaced with three optional colour variations, complementing your living space perfectly. Two patent-pending ideas A touch sensitive illuminated silver volume assembly is the focal point of Muso, designed to offer ease of use and a natural response. Constructed of a solid ring of bead-blasted, anodised aluminium around a fixed touch panel centre, it features a patent-pending system of illumination which refracts light onto the touch-panel surface and 11 different volume segments with varying intensity depending on the setting. To make the seamless Muso design a functional reality took months of collaborative work between Naim engineers and a consultant professor from Queen Mary, University of London. One of the innovations that resulted from this work was the embedded Wi-Fi antenna system (patent-pending). Two hidden printed-circuit slot antennae, one between the bass drivers and one inside the rear heatsink, work in combination with a dual-channel diversity receiver. The result is excellent Wi-Fi link performance from within a metallic enclosure.

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