Pakedge Launches W7 Dual-Band Wireless AP Offering Smoother and Faster Wireless Network Management at ISE 2014

Stand 5-S122, ISE 2014 Pakedge Device & Software will be launching its W7 dual-band concurrent Wireless Access Point (WAP) modules at ...

Stand 5-S122, ISE 2014 Pakedge Device & Software will be launching its W7 dual-band concurrent Wireless Access Point (WAP) modules at ISE. The W7 works in conjunction with its C36 WAP controllers to offer installers streamlined access and control of wireless networks. The W7 range includes a variety of models (wall-mount, desktop, outdoor and rack-mount) to further the versatility for installers working on either commercial or residential projects. Through a combination of the W7 and C36 devices, installers will find setting up and managing WAPs much easier than using comparable solutions from traditional networking manufacturers. “We understand the time pressures installers face, so our range of network solutions are specifically designed to simplify what has traditionally been a cumbersome process,” says Victor Pak, President and CEO of Pakedge. “The dual-band system employs a number of techniques for managing traffic. Combined with access to our C36 controllers, everything from setting up to day-to-day running, and maintenance to troubleshooting, is made as slick as possible.” The W7 units bring a level of reliability and speed to controlling wireless networks, which haven’t previously been known for these qualities. With 4 external high dB omnidirectional antennas, the range of the units are optimised and as a result, keep interference to a minimum. With inbuilt traffic shaping features –pushing capable clients from 2.4GHz to the 5GHz band, limiting the number of clients per channel, or limiting the bandwidth to any of the 18 SSIDs (including 2 isolated guest networks) - strains on a wireless network can be managed by the system administrators to keep flow and connectivity consistent and constant. The W7 utilises Smartwavâ„¢ technology to assess the environment around an AP to direct its signal toward client devices and around sources of interference such as microwaves or thick walls. This allows the W7 to produce a more powerful signal with greater coverage. Multiple Smartwavâ„¢ antennas allow the W7 to broadcast constructive signals by synchronizing waveforms, further increasing range and throughput. ServiceSmartwavâ„¢ enables an extremely strong, stable radio signal - without the peaks and troughs that characterise traditional wireless devices – to reduce or eliminate slowdowns and signal drop-outs. Smartwavâ„¢ technology in the W7 broadcasts directly toward the client device instead of sending out an indiscriminate, omnidirectional signal in all directions. The W7 also utilises Pakedge SectorMaxxâ„¢ technology to cure low signal to noise ratio, avoiding interference, improving signal, and lowering the noise floor. Linking both W7 and C36 units to the cloud via Pakedge’s BakPak app allows installers to remotely manage their clients’ networks and add real value to after-sales support. Visit Pakedge at ISE 2014 (5S122) to see both W7 and C36 units and tour our BakPak demo systems for the full, cloud-based management interface.

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